Adding a new box truck to your fleet or small business in Elmhurst, IL can be a tricky proposition. Will you be able to find the upfit and trim packages that your business demands? Will the truck provide the fuel efficiency and capability that you need? Freeway Ford is one of the few dealerships in the Elmhurst, IL area capable of meeting the needs of fleets and small businesses. With our Truck Headquarters of Chicagoland, we can offer the best price and service for any customer. The best options available to the Elmhurst area are the new 2015 Ford Transit CC and CA trucks. The newest Ford box trucks offer the capability and ease of upfitting that fleets and small businesses require.

Ford Box Truck Wheelbases and Body Lengths

The 2015 Ford Transit CC-CA box trucks offer several different wheelbases and body lengths to meet the needs of the fleets and small businesses in the Elmhurst, IL area. Fleets and small businesses can have several different needs and Ford Transit CC-CA trucks with several different size options to meet those needs.

  • Chassis Cab and Cutaway comes in 138-in., 156-in. and 178-in. wheelbase options to accommodate the needs of small businesses and fleets.
  • Ford Transit box CC-CA trucks also come with options for 10-12 ft. (138-in. wheelbase), 13-15 ft. (156-in. wheelbase) and 16-18 ft. (178-in. wheelbase) body lengths.

Ford Box Truck Upfit Options for Elmhurst, IL

In addition to the different wheelbase and body length options, the 2015 Ford Transit CC-CA trucks also offer several unique upfit options to the fleets and small businesses in the Elmhurst, IL area. The new Transit CC-CA box trucks are built for upfitting thanks to their specialized design. The body of the Transit CC-CA box trucks comes with a uniladder frame that's specifically built to accommodate multiple upfit designs. The Ford Transit CC-CA trucks also offer frame rail extension adapters to fit additional cargo options.

The number of available applications go as far as the small businesses and fleets can imagine.

  • CA trucks are ideal for ambulance services and motorhomes.
  • CC trucks are perfectly designed to accommodate delivery, utility or flatbed upfits.

Add a New Ford Box Truck in Elmhurst, IL

Any fleet or small business in the Elmhurst, IL area looking for a new box truck needs to visit Freeway Ford and check out the new 2015 Ford Transit CC-CA. The 2015 Transit CC-CA trucks offer the box truck capability and upfit options that the fleets and small businesses in the Elmhurst, IL area require. Contact our team through our website, by phone or visit our Ford dealership during business hours to get any additional information you might need. And see more information about the E-series Vans available as well!


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