Tips to Enable You Know When to Change Your Oil

You have probably heard this archaic 3,000-mile oil change myth from the very day you got your license. Though this oil change concept may still work out for older cars, modern vehicles are built to go up to 10, 000 miles without requiring any oil change depending on the instructions on the car's manual.

Stop wasting your money visiting the mechanic every time you have added 3,000 miles to the odometer. This is how to know you need to change your oil.

  • Check owner's manual to determine your specific model's oil maintenance intervals
  • Check your oil level and the color manually using the dipstick. If the oil looks dirty, it's time to change.
  • Utilize the dashboard light or maintenance alerts to change your oil as the vehicle demands though this feature is not available in all cars.

Visit our dealership service center in Lyons, IL to help change your oil as clean oil is inevitable for smooth performance of your car. Our experts are ready to serve you.

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