Essential Roadside Emergency Tips to Keep You Safe

Being prepared in the event of a roadside emergency will make all the difference in how safe you and your passengers will be. Keep these tips in mind before you head out in your vehicle.

  • Keep a roll of duct tape in the car. It can be very useful for patching holes or even repairing a blown radiator hose. It will last long enough to get the car running and to a local service center.
  • If the car experiences a blowout, never leave the vehicle in a lane of traffic. Ride the rim to the shoulder, it will not do damage to the wheel for that short a distance.
  • Jumper cables and an empty gas can will help get a disabled vehicle back on the road in a timely manner.
  • Call 911 if the car becomes disabled, stay in the car with the doors locked.

These roadside emergency tips are brought to you by Freeway Ford Truck Sales to help make this community safer.

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