Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Controlling the odors in your vehicle is an everyday battle. Here at Freeway Ford Truck Sales, we want to keep you informed so that you are an educated vehicle owner. Here are a few tips in controlling the smells inside your vehicle.

Common Smell-Reducing Remedies

There are a number of household items you can use to eliminate odors. Anything from putting a cup of coffee grounds or white vinegar inside to trying cat litter or charcoal to absorb smells are all solutions that have been known to work.

Chemicals Solutions

Be careful when using chemicals to clean odor. There are plenty of odor bombs and ozone generator products out there that will help kill bacteria and make your car smell new again. Be sure to replace the cabin filter and run the air during the process for the best results. For all of your vehicle’s service needs, you can visit us in Lyons, IL.

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