Android Auto Makes for a High-Tech Driving Experience

Hands-free calling is something drivers appreciate. They also enjoy easy access to apps. Android Auto wishes to help them take advantage of in-vehicle technology. So far, the Google-designed system proves popular among owners thrilled with their "driving companion."

One conversation you can have is with Google Assistant. One tap on the screen is all it takes to engage the program. Once engaged, talk to the program and see how it responds. Hands-free calling and texting are two things you can do with Google Assistant. The benefits of keeping your hands on the wheel while doing so are obvious.

At present, about 500 models of vehicles are compatible with Android Auto. In time, more models will come with access to the system. Look for the popularity to continue to grow as new features arrive.

A great way to see how Android Auto works is to use it when driving in Lyons, IL. A test drive made possible by the team at Freeway Ford Truck Sales can let you do so.

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