Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Comfort Features

The 2018 Ford Transit is a trusted full-sized passenger wagon that puts the safety and comfort of the driver and their passengers as top priorities. With versions available to transport 10, 12, or 15 passengers, there's an option to suit any of your unique needs.

To keep the driver in a comfortable position throughout long drives, the front bucket seats are heated and come with power reclining options. The steering wheel comes with tilting and telescoping ability so that it can be adjusted to fit the needs of any driver. The front passengers will have access to overhead storage bins so that you can keep essentials easily accessible.

To provide passengers in the back with enough space, the high-roof Ford Transit comes with a 77-inch high interior. Each of the seats is set up as an aisle seat so that it's easy for people to get into and out of their seats.

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