See Everything in the Ford Super Duty

In a big truck like the Ford Super Duty, it pays to have some cameras for extra visibility. Luckily, this popular heavy-duty pickup is available with a robust camera system. These cameras are optional upgrades for every single model at Freeway Ford Truck Sales in Lyons, IL.

To help you navigate in tight spots, the truck is available with a tailgate camera and four corner cameras. The equipment on the tailgate is great for backing out of parking spots. Meanwhile, the corner cameras offer a 360-degree view of your surroundings. When you're in reverse, the cameras produce a top-down view of the truck. You can also use the two front cameras to get a better look around corners.

Also available is a Trailer Reverse Guidance camera, which is designed to help you see where an attached trailer is headed as you back up. A detachable rear trailer camera and a lamp camera give you a clear view of bed cargo and towing cargo.

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