Here Are Two of Our Favorite Features Included with the 2019 Ford Escape

At Freeway Ford Truck Sales, we love capability features. They make the driving experience significantly more enjoyable, and they're often what elevates a vehicle from good to great. That's why you should consider the Ford Escape if you're looking for a new compact SUV: it has one of the most complete capability packages on the market. Here are two of our favorites from the car's wide selection.

To start, the car uses Roll Stability Control to keep your vehicle from suffering internal damage. It employs motion sensors to keep track of your car's internal mechanisms, which allows you to avoid speed-related malfunctions like wheelslips, oversteer, and more. It's one of the best offerings out there if you're a driver whose primary concern is staying safe at all times.

Similarly, the vehicle uses Curve Control technology to ensure you're going at a safe and appropriate speed. Throttle reduction, anti-lock braking, and Torque Vectoring Control enhance your control of your vehicle's stability and traction as well. The result is the Ford Escape being an extremely smooth and stable ride.

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