The Versatile Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

The Ford Transit comes in two different versions. There is a cargo van designed for those who need a work van, and there is a passenger van model. The passenger van model is actually several different models as there are normal, long and extended-wheelbase models available. Freeway Ford Trucks in Lyons, IL wants you to know that there is a Ford Transit Passenger Wagon to meet your needs.

There are three different lengths of the Transit Passenger Wagon available. The regular wheelbase model provides room for eight. The long-wheelbase model has seating for up to 12 passengers. If you choose the long-wheelbase extended model, you can accommodate 15 passengers.

There are three different roof heights available with the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. The versions that accommodate more passengers offer low, medium and high roof heights. The high roof height provides the convenience of allowing passengers to more easily enter and exit the vehicle.

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