What is one aspect of vehicle maintenance that far too many local car owners neglect? The answer is car washes. Car washes can influence resale value, safety, and appearance, but these facts seem to evade some local drivers. Freeway Ford Truck Sales, thankfully, would like to speak on each of these factors.

Dull paint, rust, and even scratches can lower your vehicle’s resale value. If you would like to keep a vehicle you are planning on reselling in the future in the best shape possible, then car washes are not optional. Regarding safety, the danger of having too much debris caked onto windshields, mirrors, or windows should be apparent. Blast away this debris with well-timed washes.

Where appearance is concerned, a car’s overall look, as well as the condition of its paint, depend on regular washing. In particular, Lyons, IL drivers should be aware of how negatively unwashed debris can affect the paint job of a car.

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