Have you heard of the Troxler Effect? In the automotive world, this term describes a nighttime driving dilemma that takes place when you see a glare on your car's rearview mirrors, which originates from the bright headlamps of the vehicle you are currently traveling directly ahead of. The Troxler Effect can be truly devastating, as it involves temporary blindness.

This, understandably, is cause for concern when you are operating any type of motor vehicle on Lyons, IL roads. There is an excellent solution to the Troxler Effect, though. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors were created for exactly this purpose. If there is a trailing vehicle with brightly shining headlights that could potentially cause the Troxler Effect, then your auto-dimming rearview mirrors are capable of detecting this with their high-tech sensors.

They will then initiate the darkening process in order to reduce your likelihood of suffering from the Troxler Effect. Freeway Ford Truck Sales urges local motorists to consider auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

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