Ford Super Duty needs no introduction. They're the trucks you rely on for the toughest, grittiest daily chores and worksite jobs. That's why our Lyons, IL Freeway Ford Truck Sales team consistently champions these trucks for residential and commercial endeavors. Take a closer look at what makes these trucks so durable.

When Steel Met Aluminum

Ford Super Duty is the only one in its class with a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and a high-strength stainless steel body. The aluminum-alloy and steel make Ford Super Duty lighter in weight yet stiffer than previous generations, enhancing sustainability, aerodynamics, and efficiency. The combination also makes Ford Super Duty resistant to dings, dents, and rust and extremely crashworthy.

Ultimate Cabin Floor Control

Carpet Delete is Ford Super Duty's extra-resilient vinyl cabin flooring. Available on all Ford Super Duty models, Carpet Delete forms a protective layer over the truck's cabin floor, protecting it from the daily wear of foot traffic, temperature shifts in Lyons, IL weather, and exposure to the elements. This protection prolongs the life of each Ford Super Duty's cabin flooring.

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