Are you in need of a delivery or transportation solution for your small business or fleet? Our Ford commercial truck and van dealership has over 20 new and pre-owned Ford Transit vans to get your business on the road. As the Ford Transit Van Headquarters for the Chicagoland area, our dealership is uniquely equipped to meet any inventory or upfit requirements that your company has. Browse through our new and pre-owned Ford Transit van options to learn more about the specific models, then reach out to our team to schedule a test-drive.

Ford Transit Vans for Chicagoland

Ford Transit vans are ideally suited to fleets and small businesses in and around the Chicagoland area that need additional cargo space for delivery or service functions. Whether you need to get goods to your customers or take equipment to a jobsite, Ford Transit vans are an ideal option, providing the flexibility you require.

Ford Transit Van Inventory for the Chicago Area

Fleet managers and business owners looking for Ford Transit or Transit Connect vans are often limited when going to a local dealership. Why settle for only one or two inventory options when you can visit the Ford Transit Van headquarters for the Chicagoland area, Freeway Trucks? Our dealership has multiple vans available in almost every configuration for our customers to add to their fleet.

The latest Ford Transit vans come with different heights and body lengths to meet your specific needs. Options include:

Available HeightsLow, Medium, and High
Available Body LengthsRegular, Long, Long/Extended
GVWR Range8,600 lbs. to 10,360 lbs.
Payload Range3,060 lbs. to 4,560 lbs.
Volume Range246.7 cu. ft.(Reg. Wheelbase/Low Roof) to 487.3 cu. ft. (Long/Extended Wheelbase/High Roof)
Seating Capacity Range8 to 15

Learn More About Commercial Vans Available for Chicagoland

Do you still have questions about commercial vans? In addition to Ford Transit vans, we also offer E-Series models, Connect Wagons, and cargo vans to provide utility and storage options for Chicagoland area customers.

Are you in need of custom commercial upfits on a Ford Transit van? Our team is capable of performing a wide range of upfits on site. Let us know your exact specifications, and we'll get your custom commercial van build completed with the storage and cargo management requirements that your business demands.

Our product specialists are able to answer any questions or provide any guidance you might need. Contact the team at our Ford Transit van headquarters through our website or by phone at (708) 442-9000 to get additional information.

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